Sodium persulfate

Product Name :  Sodium persulfate  (SPS )
CAS No.: 7775-27-1 
MF : Na2S2O8
Molecular weight: 238.13
Class : 5.1
MOQ : 1FCL ( 25mts/20" Container ) 


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Products Introduction

Product Name : Sodium persulphate (SPS)

Index name Unit Standards
Assay  99.0%
Active oxygen
chloride and chlorate(as CI) 0.005%  
Ammonia(NH 4 )  ≤ 0.05%
Manganese(Mn) 0.0001%
Iron(Fe) 0.001%
Heavy metals(as Pb) 0.001%
Moisture 0.05%

Package :
In 25kg/50kg/1000kg plastic woven bag or paper-plastic composite bag, lined with plastic bag,or as per customer's requirement . 

Delivery time :
 Within 20 working days after receiving the deposit or confirmed the order ,  the big quantity order will negotiate then.

Payment terms : 
T/T, L/C, D/P, D/A , Western Union, Paypal , Money Gram .

Application :
SPS is a suitable initiaor for the emulsion or solution polymerisation of acrylic monomers, vinyl acetate, vinyl chloride etc. and for the emulsion copolymerisation of styrene, acrylonitrile, butadiene etc.. SPS is also a kind of oxidizing agent:
(1) Used in cleaning and pickling of metal surfaces.
(2) Used in accelerated curing of low formaldehyde adhesives.
(3) Used in modification of starch, production of binders and coating materials.
(4) Desizing agent and bleach activator.
(5) An essential component of bleaching formulations for hair cosmetics.

Storage : 
Sodium persulphate is of a non-flammable product. However, because it may release oxygen and support combustion, it is required to be stored under a certain condition. It shall be sealed in an air-proof vessel and stored in a dry place without direct sunlight, heat source, moisten content, etc. And, some impurity, dirt, rust, metal or reducing agent may cause it decomposed, so it shall be stored and used properly. Because  sodium persulfate powder with moisture content and sodium persulfate solution has bleaching function and slight of corrosive action, it is required not to contact eyes, skin or clothing directly.

FAQ : 
1)   What is your advantage ? 
      Good quality  with reasonable price .
      Timely Delivery .
      Durable & safe packaging .

2)  Can  you offer free sample for test the quality before  order ?
     Yes , we will offer free sample for your test  the quality , please inform us your  full address and your Express account No. of freight collection (Such as DHL, Fedex , TNT.... ), we will  arrange for you at the first time . 

3) How do you control the quality ? 
   Every batch of the goods , we will make strict quality test  in our factory before shipment .    Except that ,  We  also accept customer arrange the third party inspection  , such as SGS , CCIC, BV, Intertek ...... 

4) How about the packing situation  ?
    We will always offer the durable & safe package for customers ,  As we know : Package is very important ,  bad packing will not only effect the shipment , but also bring big problem for clients selling . 
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